Internet Search Results: Stack of Bibles

I check, every so often, to see what searches land people on this little blog.  As I've mentioned before I tend to get tons of searches about Ikea Hacking an Expedit with Drona boxes (although I imagine that will stop with Ikea killing the Expedit line), and tons of people want to know about Nike+ and Endomondo apps and which ones can do intervals (Endomondo) and work with footpods (Nike) and work indoors (Nike again).

Today's gem: "Stack of Bibles".  Who searches a blog for that?  I was pretty shocked it lead to not one but two hits in a week on my blog.  I ask you.  It leads to this post about a friend getting married and me cleaning out my parents attic.  I have no explanation for why I found a stack of bibles in our attic since neither one of my parents would identify themselves as Christian.  But I digress.

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