Weekend Workouts: Is it Time to Go Outside Yet?

I read recently that runners can work to increase their mileage, or to increase their pace, but should not attempt to increase both things at the same time.  A bit later this week I was reminded of the importance of slow recovery runs.  Clearly I took both things to heart.  Bonus for me that I stretched over my 60 minute goal for the week.  Who knows, I may sneak in some more before the week is out.

Sunday I had a combined workout.  I did just over a mile running on the track, then three "miles" on the elliptical, trying to keep my heart rate between 140 and 145.  I did an 8-minute foam roll session to cool down.  Then I went to see my Pooky Bear and the Qat Lady to catch up on Downton Abbey.  Also, I got a call from my favorite four-year-old.  Happy Birthday! And yes, I do wear my cold weather running gear as long sleeve shirts all winter.  Doesn't everyone?

Monday I had a strong desire to run.  My alarm went off around 5:30am which made me question the desire to run or do anything else, but I got myself up and headed to the gym.  I did an indoor run and immediately noticed the difference I feel wearing shoes.  (Most of my runs last week were in Vibrams.)  I had a nice even run.  I cooled down by walking a lap and having a nice foam roll.

Tuesday I deliberately took a 'rest' day.  I ran my mile, and then did one of my favorite cool-downs.  I walked a lap, and did three to five minutes of stretching per lap, for five laps.  Total running was seven laps, walking was five laps for a total distance of two miles.  Total stretching was 19 minutes.  I had to turn of my running app for the walking and stretching because it would get confused if I'd left it on but was sitting still stretching for five minutes at a time.

Wednesday was long run day.  It was also "pleasantly warm day".  Those two things together can only mean it was "long run outside" day.  Excellent!  I did intervals the first 7 miles.  Then I ran miles 8 and 9 outright and used mile 10 as a cool down.  I have an April race and I'm not clear that I'll get to the point of running 10-15 miles without intervals before then.  Good thing the trail running crowd has a reputation for being super mellow.  Otherwise I'd care.

Thursday was cross train and stay out of trouble day.  I ran 2.5 miles, then walked .5 miles to lower my heart rate.  After the fiasco of getting sick last week, I was taking no risks.  Then I headed down to Body Pump and then Zumba.

Friday was 'wake up early' day.  I was all "why did I think this would be a good idea?!?" but I did make it happen.  I ran 4 miles, and then a 'cool off' lap.  My goal was to have a relaxing 'easy' run after the 10-mile day and then the weight lifting.  I think mission accomplished on that one.

Saturday I ran 5 miles on the track.  My goal was 4.5 but then I had some more time before class. I walked a lap and then headed down to Zumba.  I had a bonus exercise of walking over 1 full lap of Mall of America.  One lap of the mall is one mile.  I am not joking. Thanks to My Pooky Bear for an awesome shopping trip.

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