Track workout Week

This week had a truly surprising number of positive track workouts.  I seem to do the best on the track when I focus on having an even effort, and allow myself to slow down if I am breathing too hard or my heart is beating too fast.  I do better with shorter distances.  4 miles is my perfect inside track workout distance.  And I seem to have found the good times on the track, especially early in the morning.  Also, 5pm has been an astonishingly good time to run.  The track is crowded but seems to have a good flow.  And finally, I'm happy I finally found out the Nike+ app does work inside, even in an arm band.

Sunday I actually opted for a quick outdoor workout because I knew the gym would be nuts.  Somehow blowing snow was a better option than the gym that day.

Monday I'd meant to run 1-2 miles and then do yoga.  But around the first mile I was feeling so good, I decided to just keep going and do five miles.  And somewhere around the fourth mile I was feeling so good I decided to do six miles.  My cool down was walking a mile and stretching.

Tuesday I had high hopes for another productive workout, but they were soon dashed.  I ran 1.5 miles on the track, did 3 miles on the elliptical, and then a cool down mile on the track.

Wednesday I ran outside to celebrate Minneapolis and Pensacola being the same temperature.  In January..  It was pretty awesome.

Thursday I woke up early and did three miles on the track while the snow started to fall.  I had a cool down walk that my app captured too because I forgot to hit pause.  It was still snowing when I left. We wound up with six inches of snow and I was called off going in to work.

Friday wound up being my official last day in my current position, because the planned last day was snowed out.  I turned in my laptop and keys, and then felt a strong desire to move my body.  I headed to the gym and planned to do 2 miles on the track and then up to 8 on the elliptical.  I was feeling so good when I started running that I wound up doing 4 miles on the track, then 5.2 on the elliptical, and some cool down walking and stretching on the track.

Saturday I did an easy two mile workout on the track before heading to Body Pump and Zumba.  Body Pump was actually the most impressive part of the day.  I can feel myself getting stronger.

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