Minnesota is as warm as Florida

And it was true for possibly an entire hour on Wednesday night that Minneapolis and Pensacola were the same temperature.  Obviously I went out for a run, because if Minnesota in January is like Florida, that needs to be celebrated.

It turned out to be a great run.  I drove down to the lake, where I knew the trails were plowed.  The sun was just going down as I got started.  I forgot my headlight on the front seat of my car.  Doh!  But there were only a couple spots I'd really wished for it.  It was a nice even run, and gave me lots of time to think.  Wednesday was the second to last day at my current place of employment so it was kind of a wild day and emotionally, I needed some time to myself to think anyways.

In hindsight it's good I got in a run this week because weather for the rest of the time will be not nearly as fun.  It snowed 6 inches today (which leads to a kind of funny story about my last day), and tonight it's going to be cold again.  Because Polar Vortex.

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