Weekend Workouts

It's been a few days now since my desire to work out was crushed by small children running in every direction.  Tuesday was another day off school for the kiddos (any parent would tell you it's day 18 of the Christmas Vacation that wouldn't end).  Things got better on Wednesday when kids went back to school and gym usage got a bit more normal.

Tuesday I hit the track for a short workout, learned how to use the weight machines, and then had a bonus Zumba lesson.  I knew I was one of the more experienced people there when the teacher asked me to go fix the volume for a couple songs.  I am such a grown-up!  Bonus photo I took on the way to the gym.  Tuesday was quite a day.

Wednesday I was at the track bright and early.  I had late meetings and very few options for when to exercise.  I did a longer workout, but one that's become one of my favorites, the 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 workout.  (Running that number of laps, with a walking lap in between.)

Thursday was a 2.5-mile run on the track, followed by Circuit and Zumba.  I find I can either leave work in time to get in no run and head straight to Circuit, or if I leave 10 minutes earlier, I have time for a 2-mile run.  Because rush hour.

Friday I had a 7 mile run, same route as last week but my phone died in the midst of the run so there's only this one photo.  I still love the shoes though!

Saturday I did an easy run on the Greenway, then hit up both BodyPump and Zumba.  The thing I notice about Saturdays is it takes almost nothing to raise my heart rate after BodyPump.  Usually in Zumba I'm jumping all over the place, but after weight lifting I'm all "no, I'm good here, with the low impact people who are not jumping".   I capped off the day with a 20-minute foam roll session.  (That hadn't been done as of the first draft of this post. Cross your fingers.)  (Update: totally done.  No worries.)

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