New Year's Resolution: Update

My New Year's Resolution was to be nice to the new people at the gym.  I should've added while they suck my soul to live but that would be unkind.  So I didn't.  It would've been true, too, but that's a different post. 

Saturday 1 mile on the track before BodyPump.  There were no kids.  Zumba after BodyPump.  Similarly kid free.
Sunday 1 mile on the track and 20 minutes of stretching.  I'd planned to run 4 miles but the track was so full of kids and other people that it destroyed me.
Monday I walked for over an hour with Lucinda, then ran 2 miles.  I almost knocked over two different kids.  Sigh.

It's good for me to see the Resolutionists haven't bothered me.  Other than the parking lot being full, which is no one's fault.  What seems to drive me nuts in January is the parents bringing their kids to the gym and letting them run around on the track.  The situation this year is exacerbated by an extended Christmas break.  For those of you not aware, after our Minnesota kids had two weeks off for Christmas, their schools are closed for at least two more days for record breaking cold.  So I understand their parents are going a bit nuts after day 18 of having children at home and want to bring the kids to a place they can run off some steam. 

But here's the deal with kids: Have you ever watched a little kid learning to steer a tricycle, and they're supposed to avoid obstacles like poles but instead they steer straight into them?  Kids do that on the track too when they're trying to avoid runners. They will seriously run into me, walk into me, freeze in my path.  Apparently it's a developmental thing that goes away as they get older.  (Which is good or we'd all be driving into trees too.)  Maybe we need to have "practice avoiding runner" drills they same way we have fire drills?

PS - That awesome GIF is from http://gifeye.com/2547

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