New Year's Resolution Time

Apparently, my new year's resolution is to be nice to all the Resolutionists joining the gym in January. I'm only half kidding. I actually don't mind the influx of people to the fitness floor, or even the influx of cars in the parking lot, for the most part.  I also don't mind the varying levels of fitness abilities and interest.  What really got me this week was the family that had staff talk to them and still let four boys run the wrong way on the track, have a relay race, and then build forts with all the mats.  Not cool. 

Usually, I have the Resolutionists to thank for driving me back outside to run, no matter the temperature.  We are having record cold temperatures for the forseeable future (think, not too many days above 0*, 32* would be tropical) so my resolve may be tested.  I've noted this phenomenon in 2013 (and it's weird to think of that as 'last year'), 2012, and 2011I do regret the title of that post now.  Sigh. 

Best advice I have for all year gym rats: Go in the morning.  Seriously.  The Resolutionists seem to come after work.  And the ones that do come in the morning seem to have an easier time fitting in with the flow.

Best advice I have for the Resolutionists: Stop thinking everyone is judging you.  Seriously.  We're all much more likely to judge you for letting your kids run wild (see above) than for your level of fitness. And think about coming in the morning.  The gym is much less busy then. 

Best advice for everyone: Just give it a try.  Workouts will get done much faster that way.

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