Weekday workouts: Excellent time on the track

An update on my New Year's Resolution of being nice to people at the gym.  I would not say I've been overly nice, but I have avoided aggravation and frustration, which is a positive step I think.

Monday I took one look at the track, and decided discretion is the better part of valor.  I headed to the treadmill for a quick workout, running 1.25 miles and walking .25 miles.  I thought about heading into the cool down room for a stretch and foam roll, but someone was wearing stinky perfume (could've been cologne), so I again opted for discretion and just went home.

Tuesday, I hit the track after work.  I had a shockingly excellent run on the track.  My goal was to do four miles at an even pace.  Since I'm still too cheap to buy a heart rate monitor, I just went off of how I was experiencing my effort.  The track was a sweet place.  There were no kids and no one hogging the passing lane.  The walkers were awesome, and there were tons of runners which made me feel right at home.  I did 3 miles, had a quick bathroom break, and ran the last mile, then did a half mile cool down walk.  Then I forgot to stop the workout while I stretched for 15 minutes so my overall pace is hilariously slow.  Sigh.  At least the mileage splits from the run are accurate.

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