Workout Tuesday: Eye balls and Q-tips, oh my!

I hadn't really thought it'd be possible to have a more chaotic day than yesterday, but I sure tried to match the chaos with today.

Run workout: Things started out nice and lovely with an indoor workout.  It was ice and slush and nastiness outside, so there was no way.   I planned on doing a workout similar to this one but instead of doing 400s, I just ran one lap hard and one lap easy, which winds up more in the 270m range per lap.  It was still a tough workout and there was one lap I was utterly ready to throw in the towel.  I stuck with it.  Glad I did because it produced the cutest workout graph ever. 

Eye doctor: I hate having my eyes dilated.  I'm a total baby so I'd already taken the morning off work. I was all good until we had this conversation:
Doc: It looks like you're starting to get a corneal ulcer.
Me: What's that?
Doc: It's a..{starts explanation}... Oh wait.  That's not an ulcer.  I think you have something in your eye.  Hang on. I'm going to see if I can get it out with a q-tip.
Me: !?!
It's a good thing my eyes were numb because I can still see where she stabbed me. And I have to use eye drops the next five days. Eye drops were $50 after insurance. Wow! And I can't wear my contact lenses except to run. So I was a grump all day.

Work: I did eventually show up at work, around 1pm, not understanding my eyes were actually going to be dilated even longer than that.  So I left again around 2:30pm becuase I was totally done.  I couldn't look at the computer and couldn't see my paperwork.  I am so over this.

Dinner: Turns out Nathan had been having quite a day too.  We'd made plans for tonight and I was all "I don't want to drive at night in these stupid glasses" and he was all "I don't want to drive" so we walked up to Marla's.  It was a cluster f*ck.  Two groups were seated ahead of us so it took over an hour to get our food, plus longer for his.  Mine was shrimp.  I think they were plucking the chicken for his.  Then one of the groups with at least eight people in it walked up to the cash register to pay one at a time.  We left cash on the table and left.  But I got some hilarious pictures of him while we were waiting for our food.

Shirt making  It's a long story why I had to make stencils for race shirts and bibs tonight, but there's that piece of information.  My pooky bear helped me make the stencils last year and she agrees that the leaves on the trees are the worst parts to cut out.  I only had to do six this year and gave someone else the other eight. Thank you so much!  And I don't have nearly the number of paint brushes I'd thought I had.  Oh well.

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