Home Improvement: Chandeliers

Given my recent success changing hallway light fixtures, I was encouraged to go for the big guns and try that hideous chandelier that's been hanging in my living room mocking me since the day I moved in.  I found a great deal from my friends at Amazon on a new chandelier that would match both the hallway fixtures and the kitchen light fixtures.  After walking me through the hallway light fixtures, my Pooky Bear encouraged me to try this one out on my own.  See below the fixtures I rid myself of, as well as the current kitchen and hallway fixtures.

Since I was flying solo, I took this project pretty seriously.  First, I scoured the internet for some self help video. This one was my favorite, but there were several good ones.  I know.  I watched them all.

Time to start the unboxing process.  The instructions that came with this piece absolutely blow.  Attach the what to the who?  I was thrilled to learn the glass shades on the chandelier are the exact same as the fixtures in the kitchen.  See below, along with the size of the chandelier base. Pop can is used for size reference. Not because I'm lazy.

There were a couple steps I had problems with.  I found bending the chain links to be near impossible and ultimately found a tip about using one wrench and a screw driver which worked much better.  Then the length of chain I had was way too low, even though it looked like it shouldn't have been so I shortened some more. Then I realized I forgot to thread the collar over the chain for later attachment to the ceiling.  Next I forgot to thread the wires through the main bolt and the ground wire never quite made it through there.  For example, I can't count the number of things wrong in this photo, but I was so happy it turned on I didn't care.

Then I had a real adventure trying to remember how to strip wire (so I could make the attachment in the box).  I kept thinking I had a tool for it but then not being able to identify said tool.  It took me a call to Home Depot (closed) and a trip to Target (open but no wire strippers) to realize it's on the wrench you think it shouldn't be on. Doh!  It's actually on the green one, a little gap in the metal near the joint.  Worked like a freaking charm.

Lastly and most importantly I learned that it's not okay to use CFL bulbs in a fixture with a dimmer.  Because neither the light fixture nor the circuit box are supposed to make that much noise.  A quick trip to the store for some old school light bulbs sorted that out nicely.  No, I did not by LEDs because there's 5 bulbs in this thing and I don't have $75 to drop on light bulbs at the moment.  The bulbs I got were 8 for $5.

True story: I know love to come out to the living room and look at the lights!  Also, if you know anyone who wants three old light fixtures, I'd rather give them away than toss them.  Let me know!

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