TIL - My ears are different sizes

Yesterday when I headed out for my run, I opted for a music assisted workout. My most used pair of ear buds fell apart at the marathon.  Literally, one of the plastic ear hooks came off.  So now, I'm using the other good pair of ear buds I own, these guys

As you can see from this older post, they come with six different size options for the inserts. 
I'd had some discomfort in my left ear for a while, so I tried an experiment of different size inserts for different ears.  I went one size smaller in the left ear.  I'm not sure I went small enough.  I'm going to keep experimenting, but it's possible I'll need to be two sizes smaller in my left ear than my right.  Wild.

It was worth the experimentation because the playlist yesterday absolutely killed it.  Usually I prefer music in the Pitbull, FUN, Pink or Lady Gaga flavors.  But yesterday I really wanted some loud, hard rock music and I got exactly what I wanted.  I put this together as a possible playlist for part of the marathon and really only got to hear what a good job I did now.

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