Sunday Run and Sunday Bike Ride

Today marks 365 days of moving (running) at least a mile per day.  Tomorrow marks decision day about keeping the streak alive but that's another story.  The run today was nice and relaxed. I wanted to do all 4 miles in my vibrams so I was most focused on form and not caring about speed.  There were crazy tons of sticks falling down on the path, particularly from the cottonwoods, so that made the run interesting.

I came home and had some lunch and sat around on the couch for a few minutes.  I was motivated by the fantastic weather to head back outside on my bike.  Lake Cedar was calling me. I got my bike and my camera and headed out. I did one of my favorite routes: the River Lake Greenway to Bryant Ave Bike Way, along the Greenway to Kenilworth Trail and Cedar Lake.  I came back by Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet.  And took lots and lots of pictures along the way.

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