Saturday Five Miles

I'd originally meant to do 6 miles this morning.  I had a sad combination of forgetting my post-run nutrition and getting to the gym a few minutes later than expected.  I decided I'd turn it into "about five miles" and not be so fussy about making my mileage end in zero.  Temps were supposedly 40* but actually in the 30s somewhere and it was windier than I would've liked. Once I got warmed up (literally), everything was fine and I just ran along feeling my pace and feeling my legs and enjoying myself.

Saturday is obviously Zumba day and I had to get back in time, which is why I didn't go all six miles.  I love being done with the marathon and heading out for runs because I like to, not for training.,  After Zumba, we went to the last day of the outdoor Farmer's Market.  Sob.  I had a zeppole and coffee and most of the rest of the team enjoyed the Arepas.  They were happy to hear the Arepa truck people are building a brick and mortar restaurant, so maybe we wont have to wait until next year to have their food again.  Can you tell it was cold today?

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