How to Taper!

What am I doing the week before the marathon?  I'm going nuts okay.  Let's just be real about that.  This year I'm happily not freaking out about fitness.  I'm feeling like I have a decent race plan and several decent contingency plans.  One of the awesome things about OCD is I can freak out at the drop of a hat over things that aren't real anyways.  I'm learning to deal.

Sunday - I ran my favorite 10-mile route and then had a nice long stretch.
Monday - I did a quick 1 mile run to keep the running streak alive.
Today - I had a nice 5 mile run with Running Neighbor.  She showed me some legit trails near our house which I couldn't believe.  One day when I'm not taperingI want to go back and run like hell on them.

I have one more fun run with a friend this week.  I also plan to eat pasta and carbs like they're going out of style, stretch a lot, and relax.  I'll also look at the weather obsessively and hope the leaves turn an awesome color by Sunday.  They are well on their way.

Tonight, in favor of stretching, I got out my foam roller for a little session.  I have found the most painful foam rolling exercise on the planet.  It's not my IT band either, although that one always hurts.  Have you ever tried to roll out a hip flexor?  Holy mother of god.  I think I saw the light.  Watch the video and try for yourself

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