Taper Time - A Couple of Easy Workouts

5 Miles - Tuesday Morning.  I ran with my fast neighbor.  We created a new out and back course that we're using.  It runs along the creek and it's lovely.  It only has one hill that we go down in the beginning and up near the end, and a couple other places where it rolls around a bit.  She let me lead most of the way.  I put her in front of me at the end near the hill, and was all "I immediately regret this decision" when I had to chase her to keep up.  Fast neighbor would want me to tell you that the last mile split, mile 5 is incorrect because we were stopped at a light for a fair amount of time.  I want you to know I was sucking wind that entire break.  She runs fast, I was just trying to keep up.

1 Mile - Wednesday Afternoon.  I had zero interest in running today, and was just doing it to get it done.  I had a rock in my shoe the whole way and I was grumpy. I am also re-testing my Endomondo app which appears to be working normally, or at least normally for now.  It had been going bonkers on some of my runs, famously telling me I'd run an 8:53 mile followed by a 4:00 mile on my last 21 mile run.  I wish I could run an 8:54 mile 15 miles into a run.  Sigh.

In addition to running, I am now doing some amount of "planking" every day, although it's a relatively small amount.  I never thought I'd get to a point where I'm all "let's bust out this plank, it's only 90 seconds".  Goal is to increase 30 seconds per week for the next couple of weeks and see where that gets me.  I'm keeping track of the planking process and that will be it's own post.

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