Nice Easy 4 Miler - Taper Time!

It's taper time at marathon training central.  I love the taper because it means laziness all around, although I don't like so much all the time to sit and ponder the race. Whatever. 

I surprised myself today by actually running 4 miles.  Honestly, this day had 1-mile written all over it.  Then I saw my new running socks and I wanted to put them on and play.  My brain was all "it's pretty cool out, and it's only four miles".  So I went.  Honestly I went a little speedier than I meant to, but I kept going that way because I was having fun and it felt good.  As you can see, I had to revisit the Nike+ app since Endomondo has been going a bit crazy on me lately.  Anyone else noticed that?

I also had some fun with my training log tonight.  I finally made it tell me which days I workout the most and log the most mileage.  Fridays have been big this year.  I've done several long runs on Fridays including two 20-milers.  I'm kind of surprised that Wednesday is so low mileage.  Monday doesn't surprise me.  I'm not a fan.  Over 900 miles of pure running, and already over 1,000 miles all together for the year.

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