6 Miles of "That was a mistake"

I actually woke up to run this morning and was greeted by 70* and 97% humidity.  I am not joking.  Ultimately I took a pass and tried to go back to sleep.  Why that failed is a story for another time.  Later on I got my hair cut, and then had lunch with Qat Lady.  I told Qat Lady to pick the place since she had to go to work later and I have the day off for slacking.  She originally picked a place with bagels and shakes but somehow we wound up at the place next door which was a Chinese buffet.  Lunch was really good.  I had a bunch of different kinds of mushrooms, green beans, a couple kinds of chicken and some other stuff, plus refills of my coke whenever I wanted.

Around 4:30, it was all "fall asleep or go run" and I knew I needed to hit it today so I got on my gear and headed up to the gym.  I did a six mile run, out and back style, along the Midtown Greenway.  It was an interesting run.  I certainly meant to keep it slower than anything else I'd done this week.  Didn't know how much help I was going to get until I started having gas cramps.  I know I have all kinds of stuff going on with my stomach when  I run, but that's really unusual.  Somewhere between miles 4 and 5 I walked for a moment and out of nowhere this port-o-pot appeared.  I am not kidding.  It was clean and well stocked and I totally took advantage of the situation.  I decided, the universe put that there right at the exact moment I needed it, who am I to say no to that? It must've worked because I ran the last mile 30 seconds faster than my next fastest miles of the run, so we'll assume I was feeling better. 

I think I'm getting to the end of this pair of shoes.  I'm not sure how many miles I've put on them but let's assume it's over 500 and call it done.  That still gives me a couple weeks to break in their newer younger brothers for the marathon.

I got done at a weird spot along the Greenway, and had a few minutes before Zumba.  I went up to the Sabo Bridge to take some pictures.  The clouds were pretty impressive by this point in the day.  The temps were still in the 70s although the humidity was definitely less than 90% by that point.

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