Nike+ App Can't Do Intervals: A Review Update

I've talked about the Nike+ Ipod App lots and lots on this blog, mostly because it's what I use for running inside.  Apparently I've mentioned it enough times that search engines are finally pointing to those blog posts when people search for "Nike+ App can't do intervals".  I'm saying.  The website doesn't even display interval data correctly for the workouts I do now.  

I'm sure there's a programming reason why my computer screen with it's excellent resolution and 13" of real estate can't find the pixels to make this line go up and down any more accurately.  How can I blame a computer person for this? Strangely, the Nike+ app on my phone is far superior when it comes to displaying interval workout data correctly.  Here's some side by side comparisons for a couple recent interval workouts.  Screen grabs from the Nike+ Site are on the left, screen grabs from the Nike+ iPhone app are on the right. Having been there, I assure you that the iPhone app is displaying the data much more accurately than the website.  The only way to get good data is to look at a four-inch screen.  Awesome.  I'm hoping the Nike+ app will eventually support some kinds of interval workouts.  I'm really hoping as the app gets better, someone remembers to improve the website as well. 

**Interval workouts are workouts that involve running, then walking for fixed periods of time; advanced runners will do hard running and then slow jogging for fixed periods of time.  An example of an interval workout is 30 seconds of hard running followed by 90 seconds of jogging, repeated 10 times.**

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