Midtown Global Market MusicFest

It's MusicFest at the Global Market, something I found out entirely by accident while at Zumba today.

Here's what really happened in my life today:
6am - wake up feeling very not good; get a little sick and head back to bead
830am - wake up feeling much better, if not totally normal.  Play a couple apps on the phone and thoroughly wake up.  Scarf a banana down and head to the gym.
920am - Run 2 miles on the track.  In my five finger shoes.  2 miles is the farthest I've run in them.

945am - Zumba.  It was a fun class today.  We had a new teacher for a couple songs.  She was good but hard to follow.  I think as I get to know her she will be easier to follow.
11am - Have breakfast.
1230pm - Get my bike out.  I know.  Ride back up to the gym.
1pm - Pilates class at the gym.  Normally I wouldn't go twice in the same day, but there's this contest and to enter I need to take 3 classes in the same week.  I just needed one more class.  I'd taken this class before and found it a good compliment to running so it was fine.  Caught up with a friend there.
2pm - Bike over to the Global Market.  I wouldn't have gone if I'd had to park my car, but with a bike it was so easy.  Promptly found my old boss who was also there for Zumba.  I played with the boss and the bosses kids and did Zumba.  Then we had ice cream and wandered around.

I stayed for much more of the music than I'd anticipated.  At first I was all "I'll just watch these dancers" but then Ruth distracted me with her children and by the time that was done a legit brass band started playing and I really wanted to see them because it reminded me of my high school Latex Penguin days.  By the end of their set it was starting to look like rain so I grabbed the bike and headed for home.

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