Smoke in the Pit - So Much Meat

I forced my neighbor to head up to Smoke in the Pit with me today to try it out.  I'd wanted to go since I read this post from a local blogger.   We got a half slab of ribs, 12 smoked wings (as recommended in the article), beans and fries with the ribs, and a side of cole slaw.

Walking in the place was hilarious.  When they say take out they mean take out.  There's a little entryway, and a walk up window where the girl took our order.  After we ordered we waited about 10 minutes for the food, maybe a little less.  It got busier and busier as we waited, which I found encouraging for the business.

What we learned from today:
  • If standing and waiting a few minutes would be a drag to you, better to call ahead and place an order.
  • They do accept credit cards.  This gadget is apparently the best thing in the world to happen to small business.
  • I hate beans and these beans were great.  Nice and sweet without making me feel like I was going to get a cavity.
  • Ribs are for eating, not soaking in sauce.  I believe this style of cooking is called 'dry rub' or just 'awesome'. The ribs aren't swimming in barbecue sauce, they just have a good flavor on their own.
  • Smoked, not fried.  We got the smoked chicken wings; also not slathered in a bunch of sauce.  They had so much taste.  I can't imagine getting them fried.
  • Next time, maybe catfish or brisket.  I do like brisket.

Would I go back?  I'm sure I will.  I might try to bring cash because it seemed like that worked a little bit better for everyone.
Best for?  Anyone who eats meat.  Seriously, if you're vegetarian, this isn't really the place for you.  I don't think the chef knows how to smoke tofu yet.

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