Minneapolis Tree Apocalypse

Here's the situation: Thursday night, June 20 we had some wicked storms roll through.  They knocked out power and downed a bunch of trees.  I was thrilled because it meant my air conditioner was off all night and the next morning I wound up taking a shower at the gym instead of at home.  Friday night, June 21, mother nature threw me a birthday bash.  She had hail, lightning, thunder, the works.  It took out even more power lines and downed about a billion trees.  You think I jest.  It also seems to have overwhelmed the energy company website.

I tried to go to the gym this morning for Zumba.  Somehow, I have power after the second storm but the gym does not.  I hit the Farmer's Market across the street (they have generators) and then tried to come home. There were so many trees down it was really quite difficult.  I ran my mile around the neighborhood and then took a walk and snapped tons of pictures.  It's really quite amazing what mother nature can do.

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