What to Wear for Winter Running

Also knows as "My Favorite Things: Winter Running Gear Edition"

I went for a run today.  It was 15* and wind gusts up to 40mph.  I didn't last long.  But I was grateful for all the running gear I've accumulated over the years.  It kept me from getting frost bite and also kept me from falling down on the ice. 

Shirts and jackets - I wear different combinations of shirts and jackets depending on the temperatures and the level of wind. 
UnderArmour Fitted Long Sleeve Mock - The purple shirt

  • Nike Women's Running Jacket which Mom got me for Christmas one year.  I'm sort of shocked at the price tag, for what it is.  It's a light windbreaker style jacket, but fits well for running and wicks water away, in addition to wind protection.
  • UnderArmour Fitted Long Sleeve Mock - or the purple shirt that appears in every other picture of me on this blog in the winter.  The fitted long sleeve shirt has a fleece lining and is a bit thicker than this next one.
  • Women's Cold Gear Compression Mock There's no fleece lining, although the compression situation usually feels really good on my cold skin for some reason.  Compression gear is flattering on exactly no one.  If it's a warm cold, I don't care if you think I'm fat because I'm probably running farther than you.  If it's a cold cold my jacket is on over the shirt and you can't see what I look like.

Pants and Tights - Sometimes I just wear winter tights, sometimes just winter running pants, and sometimes a combination of both depending on the temperatures.

Nike Cold Weather Running Pants and Brooks Launch Shoes - I don't have many pictures of my pants.
  • Brooks Utopia Thermal Pant are the newest addition to my winter-running wardrobe.  All I can say is "welcome to the team".  These things fit really well, not like a pair of tights, but a closer fit than my Nike pants. 
  • Nike Cold Weather Running Pants or whatever they're called now, were my first foray into winter running.  I have a black pair and a gray pair and both seem to be indestructible.  Keep that in mind when you see the price.
  • UnderArmour Fitted Leggings I absolutely love but wear infrequently because they do not have a drawstring.  Mom got them for me for Christmas and they were a great gift.  I hadn't taught her the draw string rule yet so it was my fault. 
  • Frank Shorter Running Insert Tights are fleece lined tights.  Frank Shorter is an often overlooked brand for running gear.  They tend to show up at Marathon expos and have stuff marked way down, which is how I got my hands on these things to start with.  I love them.  They fit like a tight but have enough room in the, um, 'crotch and bum area' so as not to be unflattering, and that "ankle gripper" feature is ten times cooler than you think.

Feet- everything I need.
YakTrax on a super old pair of Brooks.
  • I usually wear flats for running.  Sometimes in the winter I want just a little more shoe.  I use Brooks Launch if I know I'm getting into something really cold, wet, or the footing will be really bad.  Big thank you here to Brooks for not killing the Launch like you'd planned.  I appreciate the change of hear.
  • Socks that wick water away from my feet are important so my toes don't freeze.  I like Smart Wool and have a few different models and pairs.
  • I seem to be the only person on the planet who's heard of Sock Liners which are also super important.  The sock liners aren't that thick, and shouldn't really change how your shoes fit.  It's amazing something so thin can add so much warmth.
  • YakTrax Pro is the model I use and I've talked about them quite a bit.  They make a model specifically for runners that I've never tried. The spikes scared me.  YakTrax are great on snow packs, falling snow, or ice.  They suck on concrete, so I have to know what the footing is like when I decide to wear them or not.  YakTrax are also not compatible with racing flats, which is another reason I keep a pair of the Launch around.

Everything else
Nike Jacket and UnderArmour Hat, also Sony earbuds and ice on every visible surface
  • Gloves - I like gloves but don't really have a favorite pair.  I use a super thin pair that my Team:Work friends got me one year but before that I used the stretch gloves you can buy at the dollar store.  If someone has an awesome pair, let me know.
  • UnderArmour Beanie - I'm going to be honest and say I think I have an older version and a men's version of this hat, because I do not have the flap for the ponytail in the back.  My hat is blue and also pictured in about a hundred places on this blog.  To wash it, I throw it in the shower with me after a run.  If I'm not good about washing them my hats get really gross.
  • Reflective Vest - It's dark like 20 hours a day here people.  Wear your gear.
Wear your reflective gear!
Just a note here - this is all stuff I have, and I've paid for it all.  Although if my friends at Brooks or UnderArmour or any place else want to send me a Thank You note for the free advertising, I'm happy to receive.  In the meantime, I'll be out running and enjoying your gear.

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