Vacation Monday - Sand Dunes

This was my favorite day of the vacation.  I loved the Sand Dunes.  We were disappointed the day before by lightning and didn't really get a chance to get on the dunes then.  I magically convinced the Qat Lady that it would be a good idea to stay in Alamosa for the morning and go back to the park.  Mule deer welcomed us back.

We got after the climb right away.  Where the dunes had been rained on, footing was pretty good.  Where they were drying out, footing got harder.  The climb was definitely challenging but also felt like the biggest accomplishment of the trip.
 Playing around on the dunes, taking a break.

 That colorful dot?  That's the Qat Lady.  Those dunes are tall and they are for real.
Qat Lady and I collected ourselves at the top of the dunes and had another hiker take our picture.  It would not be an understatement to say we ran down the dunes.  Because doesn't it look like it would be fun?  However fun it looks like it would be, it was more fun.  As we were heading down, the dunes were getting more and more crowded.
No collecting!  Give the sand back to the dunes before you go.

We headed back to the hotel and got cleaned up (literally) and then drove to Cortez.  We were planning on meeting my parents at Mesa Verde but got a call that went something like "don't come into the park, the road is horrible".  I didn't understand because it was Qat Lady who talked to my Dad, but we agreed to meet the team at the hotel instead.  On the way Qat Lady learned to drive in the mountains.  We stopped for a fantastic chocolate shake and met some Texans who told us where we could stop on the continental divide and get our picture taken.  Then we stopped at a scenic overlook to take a picture of the valley from above.

Cortez looked slightly less promising.  We ate at a weird restaurant for dinner.  I think ultimately I had a steak and beer and wound up enjoying myself.  I explained hockey and football jerseys to Mom.  Then we headed to bed.

Best.  Day.  Ever.     


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