This week - where was I?

Monday was Memorial Day and I celebrated by riding my bike and having a grill out

Tuesday was a nice day.  I woke up early and headed out for a 4 mile run.  I wasn't trying to set any land speed records, but wound up keeping a nice pace anyways.

Work was fine.  I saw a dramatic sky on the way back from a home visit.

At the end of the day I had a special visitor in transit to Iowa.  We checked out the local scenery including the Mississippi River.  These shots are taken just down from where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi.  All the water is way high right now. 

I fond this note when I got home.  Please explain why they didn't use graphite in the locks. 

Wednesday was a fun day but very long.  Sometime around 5:30am I headed out to the Y for High Intensity Water Running.  It's such a great class.  We did a new "leg intensive" workout that was really tough.  I was so tired and so hungry afterwards. 

I came home, prepared my plant for transport (yes, I belted it in) and headed to the office. On the way to work, I got a reminder of all the rain we had over the weekend.  This field is supposed to be all grass.  Right now, it's an addition to Lake Nokomis.


The little green house I have on my desk is almost entirely plants that were given to me.  Their names are Sprout, Little Sprout, Amanda and Jessica.  I don't have a name for this plant.  Pinky sounds kind of weird to me. I'm taking suggestions although "John is my favorite cousin" probably wont make the list.

After work I headed over to see the Qat Lady.  We went to Taste of Thailand for dinner.  Their service is better than I remember.  They sell pop in cans though.  What is that about?  Qat Lady has an affliction where she turns into a pumpkin if she leaves St Paul and comes to Minneapolis to see me, so it's been rough getting her to my favorite Thai restaurant.


I had been wanting to see The Amen Corner since I considered getting a subscription last year.  I wound up not getting the subscription but Qat Lady did and she got me a special ticket for the show.  Before hand, we went up to The Guthrie's "amber room" where I'd never been.  There's no filter on my camera for these shots.  I renew my sentiments about the river being way up too.

I told Qat Lady that "we're at the theater with all the white people", and it was a very white audience.  (And you're all "You're at the theater, of course it's a bunch of white people.)  I only noticed because the play was put on by Penumbra Theater Company.  I really enjoyed the play.  It had lots of signing.  To be clear, some of the actresses had voices so powerful they could blow the walls off brick buildings.  Fantastic.   

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