Weekend weather advisory: Global warming ahead!

Today is almost over, I couldn't possibly tell you what I've been up to all this time.  Here's my best try:
6:3--- way too early My alarm went off.
7:15am Running Beth and I headed out for a torture session *ahem* hill run.  She found it worse than last time and I found it better than last time, both because we knew what was coming.  It can be sort of awful running up hill for two miles, but fun as hell to run back down!

After the run I made an awesome breakfast.  Thing thing about eating a big breakfast is it always puts me in the mood for a morning nap.
1030-1230  Totally took said nap.
130-ish I really started to regain consciousness and noticed the SUNSHINE outside.  It was calling me!  Come outside.  It's nice.  You know you'll like it.  So I headed out for what turned out to be a seven mile walk.  It was gorgeous and sunny.
I headed around Lake Hiawatha and then along the creek all the way to the Mississippi River.  The creek is so un-frozen that all the ducks are there.  Playing.
It was so sunny.  I took all these shots just to prove it was actual sunshine creating shadows and not just an awesome Photoshop trick!

It got a little chilly on the way back.  (Being out in the 40* weather for over two hours does eventually take a toll.)  I was on the shady side of the street and walking into the wind for a while there.

3:30ish I got home and made spaghetti because I was starving.  You see how I hadn't eaten anything since 9am.  Now I just looked up and it's almost 6pm.  Wow.

I don't know what the rest of the weekend holds, but as long as this weather report is accurate, I'm sure I'll go out and explore more of it.
See some posts from January 2011 to understand how insane this is and what the weather should be right now.  For example: January 23rd 2011, January 18th, January 9th and January 3rd.  Or go outside and enjoy the weather!

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