Cincinnati Christmas - Day 5. Christmas Eve!

Early - Oy  I knew there was not going to be running today.  I made bacon and eggs for breakfast.  I found myself disatisfied with the bacon I got yesterday.  Boo.

Shopping trip - day 5  This was another grocery shopping trip.  Mom and I hit Fresh Market for a few fun things and Dad not rushing me through the store  and then we stopped to see JoAnn and her fabric.  I'm having an issue where a blue jean button keeps popping out and then my pants are coming down.  It's an old crappy button, not because I'm fat.

 Walking in the sunshine I wanted a family walk today.  Mom wanted not to be on the dirt/mud/gravel trail to Ault Park.  We settled the matter by walking through the neighborhood.  Mom and Dad were bundled up and lamenting their 'no hats' decision.  I was in a fleece and sweat pants and just fine.  Southerners!

 Let the cooking begin  I cooked most of the afternoon.  Dad "helped" my doing the Brussels Sprouts. I took him an entire hour to prepare the sprouts for roasting.  If you'd listened to me we would've been done 40 minutes ago.
The menu was as follows:

Company!  Everybody come over and we ate.  Then I played with one of my favorite people in the entire world.  I'd show you a great picture but he basically doesn't hold still.  Ever.
 All the 'family photos' are blurry but this one is too cute.  Auntie - I want to play!

Aunt Barb got an iPod Touch for Christmas and was trying to learn how to use it.  Hilariously, the kids have to teach Uncle Tom first so he can teach her.  I referred Aunt Barb to the article that said to leave the operating instructions for all gadgets in the bathroom because studies show that's where the real learning occurs.
 This may be the least blurry of the family pictures.
 Showing off for the camera.
 I will eat ice because I'm teething!

It's 1037 now.  I feel like it's about 1AM.  I am exhausted.  The program for Christmas is to get up, do presents and then start cooking about 930am although that will be a lighter cooking job.  I'm hoping I can get in a run sometime before we head to Kentucky.

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