About my dreams

I've had three most unusual dreams lately. Just so long as they're not telling me that green aliens are going to come down and posses my body, you can interpret to your heart's content.

Dream 1: Basically I was pregnant. Ok, stop. It wasn't a sex dream. You think I'd put that here? But I was pregnant and I was fine with the whole thing, on an even keel. Some people were more excited than me but I felt like it wasn't really any of their business. The dad was around too but I didn't recognize him. Anyways, I was surprised by how ok I was with being pregnant in my dream. If that was a really pregnancy I'd be totally freaking out.

Dream 2: I was taking care of a little boy. He was not my little boy but he did like me better than his mom who was mostly clueless but not mean or abusive. The little boy had an alergic reaction to something, I think his lip started to swell up. At first I didn't call for help (I don't know why not). After a minute or two I tried to call for help but I couldn't make any of the phones work. Eventually I was able to call the ambulance and they took him. And when he was feeling better he came and sat in my lap and not his mom's (which is how I know he liked me better).

Dream 3: This one was last night by the way. The dream started with my having the kid. The next time I saw the kid, it was like toddler size. I thought "wow, that's a big new born, it can walk and everything". And I was nursing in the dream. (I cant believe I'm sharing this.) That seemed to be an important part of the dream. And there was another lady in the dream who was trying to help me take care of this kid. Although, she was not the mom and the little boy still liked me better. I kept getting really tired from nursing all the time. Every time I laid down to rest in my dream, I'd realize all the stuff I couldn't say or think about other parents since I now was one and that made me really panicky, but at least I liked the kid.

Common threads on all these dreams: Most importantly, the kids were normal sizes and shapes. Even the kid who was older than a newborn was the right size for a one or two year old. Every once in a while I have these dreams where the kids are shaped like barbie dolls and I loose them between cushions or it's just a head and the feet are supposed to grow out of the neck. Those are the worst.

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  1. Whoa. I had a dream where I was pregnant this weekend too. Specifically, I was 7 months pregnant, huge, and had not yet seen the doctor. I may have been in denial. There was no father in this dream, I was just, oddly, pregnant.

    I also dreamt that Romeo came back to me. There was lots of hugging in that dream.

    Another weird, wacky dream, but I can't remember it. I didn't sleep well Saturday night, if you can tell.