Whole30 Redux - week 1

I restarted whole30 this week, basically in an attempt to both lose weight and run faster.  For sure this week the running faster thing is not happening.  Sigh  I find myself significantly less committed to the whole "no cheating" thing than I was the first time around.  This attempt is also significantly less public than the first time around, and I don't have any friends doing it with me.

Pre-Tuesday (when I restarted) I really went all out with carbs and alcohol, so maybe better decisions could've been made there.

Tuesday - went okay, though I was under prepared for this undertaking.  Much like the first time around.  And then I got sick and went to bed early.

Wednesday - I went out to eat with Olive and it was glorious.

Thursday - went fine, I think.  I'm so glad I have my bacon back.

Friday - I "cheated" and had potato chips and a diet pepsi.  See what I mean?  Significantly less committed than the first time around.  At first I'd been thinking of cheating with a latte because it's Friday afternoon so the drink won't make me sick at work right? After a hot run in the sun, diet pepsi and chips seemed like the appropriate gas station food.

Saturday - I had to clarify my rules around lattes.  Originally I'd said no lattes because I learned from whole30 how milk affects my body.  So, I've updated the lattes rule to be "no lattes on work days" so I don't upset my stomach on work days.  Update: I have no idea what I think it's okay to make myself sick on non-work days.  Perhaps this rule needs additional thought? 
I realized that my crap week of running coincided with going back on Whole30, and remembering how great I felt the first week I did it.  And then I remembered how fast I was running by the end of whole30 and that did help me re-commit to this whole thing 

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