Long Run Sunday: Tempo Run

Plan: It's step back week here.  I'd been considering adding tempo runs to the workout, and a shorter run on step back week seemed like the ideal place to try it out.  I set up the Garmin so it would let me run at any pace between 11:00/mile and 13:00/mile and not beep at me.
Route: I took a new route today.  I headed out along 38th street towards Hiawatha.  Then up the bike trail next to the light rail all the way into downtown.  The run ended at my gym.  (I took the bus home.)

Weather: It was windy.  Painfully windy. 25* and 12mph sustained winds, with some gusts.  Winds were out of the northwest, so like in my face almost the entire run.

Execution:  I was really excited when my HR went up to 140 in my dynamic warm up.  Freak.  I'm not even walking yet.  Let alone running.  Whatever.  This run isn't about heart rate.  And my HR always get screwed up, at, um, this time.
I'm really proud of myself for getting out and trying to run a bit faster than normal.  It felt better to do it on the road than on a treadmill.  I kept telling myself "just run how it feels good, don't worry about the watch" and that was pretty solid advice.  Average for the 'tempo' section was 12:23/mile over 5.3 miles.  Eventually I'd like to see the tempo a bit faster, but this was a confidence building start.

Nutrition: About an hour before running I had yogurt with strawberries, blueberries and pumpkin seeds.  I had a full bottle of water at the gym.  Then I stopped at grabbed a latte before I got on the bus.

Bonus: Gym logistics.  I got an overnight locker at the gym, because sometimes I'm all "I wish I could run from home to the gym and not have to deal with parking" among other desires.  This was my first test.  I packed a bag with clean clothes, took it in on Thursday and left it for myself.  I was smart to pack especially warm clothes including long underwear, hat, gloves, and a coat.  Otherwise the walk to the bus stop would've sucked.  I wish I'd also included a bathing suit and a pack of gummy chews.  I was really sad I couldn't hang out in the hot tub and warm up before heading home.  Getting these logistics and running routes will be a work in progress, but I think it will open some new doors for me. We'll see what all I do with it.

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