Flying Pig 2017 Training

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself for this training cycle.  Since I last trained for anything, I've added an additional 2 days per week of lifting weights.  I'm not sure how that all sorts out with mileage and other things.  So far I've learned
  • I still do need a 'rest' day and that's general going to be Fridays. 
  • I like the weight lifting. 
  • I don't want to run too far on days I lift.
  • I can run and elliptical on days I lift but all cardio has to be done first.  (Once I ran my mile, lifted, and then tried to do the elliptical and that did not work.) 
  • Sunday and Monday will be 'bigger' mileage days.  I want back to back days because that's how the race will be. 
  • Tuesdays has always worked as a low heart rate day, so that I can run and do Kettlebell class on the same day.
  • Wednesdays I have no idea what to do with myself.
  • Running the rest of the week - I have no idea how to focus

Weight Lifting plan is taken from StrongLifts with some additions of my own.

Tuesday: TRX/Kettlebell class.

Kettle Bell High Pulls
Push Ups 
Overhead Press
Dead lift

Around the world (kettle bell)

High Windmills (I'm getting better)
Kettle Bell Swings
Single Leg Hip Bridge 
SquatBarbell row
Kettle Bell Bench Press

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