Flying Pig - 16 Weeks to go

Planned: Run, at least 8 miles
Actual: 8.85 miles by Lake Harriet with lots of pictures.

Planned: 8 miles
Actual: 7.4 miles around Cedar Lake.  (I'm okay being a little under 8 since Sunday was a bit long).  Foam rolling after the run.

Planned: Low heart rate run, lift weights
Actual: 2.25 miles Avg HR 133, 60 mins elliptical, TRX/Kettlebell class

Planned: Some running?  I don't know how to use Wednesdays yet. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.
Actual: 1.35 miles outside in the slush.  I'm so over the slush.

Planned: Run at least 1 mile, maybe more depending on mileage needs.  Lift weights
Actual: 3.4 miles. 30 mins weight lifting.  This was the right mileage for running.

Planned: Run 1 mile only
Actual: 1.25 miles. Outside, but not in slush.  I'll take it.

Planned: Run the rest of my miles for the week, lift weights
Actual: Run 3.3 miles, lift weights.

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