Run Streak - thoughts 4 years on

In October 2012, I started this little run steak, just thinking I'd do it for a couple months as part of a fitness challenge.  Well... First I made it six months.  And I kept going.  Then, I made it a year and honestly didn't know if I would keep it up.  But I did. I wrote about my 2 year anniversary but obviously skipped year 3.

Here's how things are 4 years on 1500 days on: 
  • I definitely didn't mean this to go four years, nor 1500 days when I started
  • I don't remember a time when I didn't run every day.  And that is weird.
  • I honestly have no desire to give it up. 
  • I have nightmares about missing my mile.  True story.  The worst is when I get home and take a nap on my couch in the late afternoon, and I'm all "I'll run when I wake up".  All my dreams will be about messing up my mile in some way. 
  • People often don't get it, but they still try to be supportive.  In general.  There are those who really don't understand why working out makes a body feel good and not bad.  I keep working out in the hopes that doesn't happen to me.
  • Those "I am so lucky I get to run everywhere" statements that pepper this blog, still true!
PS - my 1500th day, I got up at 5am and ran 1.2 miles before getting in the car and driving for 10 hours to be with family for Thanksgiving.  It was quite a way to celebrate. 

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