What matters most in running tights?

So Run to the Finish asked "What matters to you in running capris?" 

In a word: Drawstring.  
I'm completely not at all down with the 'wide comfort waist' bullshit.  In anything other than shorts, I want a drawstring.  End of story.  I don't care about zippers or key pockets or 'reflective' whatever the hell.  I have the kind of body with a skinny waist and big legs.  Something that is two sizes too big in the waist will still be touching my thighs.  Just give me a drawstring to keep that stuff up.

My favorite tights of all time are the Nike Running Carpis in several different colors, and almost always available at the Nike Outlet store nearest you.  All of the big running brands also offer capris and tights with drawstrings.  I have some from Asics, Addidas, Avia and cold weather sweatpants from Brooks. 

I haven't bought pants from Running Funky yet, but I'm sure I will.  Because with every style, length, and print, they offer the option of a drawstring in the waist.  ::Love::
These are Asics tights paired with an Ink N Burn Christmas Shirt

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