TC Summit Challenge - Races Review

Races Included: This race series was for

Registration: Like all TCM race series, there is online registration.  One transaction takes care of all 4 races.  One of the reasons I suspect the race series have been popular for TCM is the guaranteed entry into the 10 Mile.  It's quite a draw for me at least.

Training Volume: I think I kept my training volume a bit too high, especially in early summer getting ready for RW&B, and then didn't really have an adequate down time before training started for the 10 Mile.  By the end of September I was done with everything and that was not a fun feeling.
 I originally signed up for this because I liked the idea of having a few key races throughout the year, more of a "year round running" thing than just having 3 races in one weekend like the past two years with Loony Challenge.  Having tried it both ways, I learned that my strong preference is for one weekend with a whole bunch of racing.

My Plan for Next Year: (at this moment in my mind)
MNy? I considered the Summit MNy for next year, 3 5Ks and then a 10-miler.  But the 5K course for Hot Dash is the same as Red White and Boom.  And I hate big crowded 5Ks anyway.
Loony?  I think I'll probably do Loony again.  I loved having all that stuff going on for race weekend.  It's also a bit easier to build up in training since all the training is building towards one particular weekend.
Flying Pig 3 Way?  There's also a discussion of returning to the Flying Pig.  If I go back, I believe it would be for the 3 Way.  Bonus is that I may have a running buddy or two for the 5K so that would be amazing.
Both: I could do both Flying Pig 3 Way and Loony.  There's enough time to build to each, and enough time to rest in between.

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