Running Bucket List

Thanks to Tuesdays on the Run for this one.

What races or running experiences are on your bucket list?

Must Have: 
Flying Pig full marathon.  This is the one that always comes to my mind and the thing that is most likely to pull me back into marathon training.  I'd thought about 2017, but now thinking maybe 2018.  My heart rate training isn't quite where I want it yet.  I am running 13:00/miles in Z2, I'd like to get that down to 12:00/mile or 11:30/mile.

Other marathons: 
Big Sur is another one that always comes to mind because it's supposed to be amazing. 
Run Crazy Horse Marathon in SD, looks like it has a little up and a lot of down.  If I get back into marathon shape, that would be fun.  No, I changed my mind, the marathon course has an out and back in the beginning.  I hate those because I'm always so close to being last.
Marine Corps Marathon if I could ever get in, just because I want one of those medals.

Other things: 
Go long: If I do get back into marathon shape, and really into shape, then I'd like to try for a 50K.
Go fast: I've been toying with the idea of breaking 30:00 in a 5K.  (Yes, I'm so slow I've never done that.)  That goal is probably within reach, but I'd have to train hard.
Go faster: After the 30:00 5K, the next goal would be a sub-60 10K.  That goal is probably not within reach right now, but could be in the future.

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