TC 10 Miler - 8 Weeks to Go

Step Back Week, also vacation week

Planned: 1-4 miles easy
Actual: 4.09 miles before vacation started

Planned: 1-4 miles easy
Actual: 2.05 miles, flat as I could make them which is not very flat.

Planned: 1-4 miles easy, lift weights if I can find them where I am
Actual: 4.72 miles, more hills.  No weights.

Planned: 1-4 miles easy
Actual: 1.32 miles in the pouring rain.  My shoes were wet for two days.

Planned: 5-8 miles
Actual: 6.5 miles, hills.  This was a better run than the day before.

Planned: 1-4 miles easy
Actual: 2.04 miles, easy.

Planned: Constant speed 2x15 mins, 5 mins recovery
Actual: Completed.  1st set 10:57 avg pace.  2nd set 11:18 avg pace.  I was a little disappointed in the second set.  I thought I should've been faster, even though it was mostly up hill.  I didn't have the workout programmed into my watch properly, so it wasn't beeping at me when I was going to slow. Sigh.

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