Running with Discipline - Week 4

1 Week to Red White and Boom

Planned: 12 mile run
Actual: 11.6 mile run at Ft Snelling,  Pilates video, and Yoga to finish up.

Planned: Hills or trails
Actual: 6.6 miles including the Lyndale/50th Street hill, 8 minute abs

Planned: Low heart rate run + weight lifting
Actual: 3.6 miles, Avg HR 139, 12 mins elliptical, TRX/Kettlebell class
I got started late because of a long day at work which led to a very short elliptical session.  For the run, the heart rate was on the high side.  It was humid and I was grumpy about running in construction zones.  TRX kicked my butt. 

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.2 miles, Avg HR 130.  8 Minute Abs. 

Planned: 1-4 miles
Actual: 4.16 miles, Avg HR 151 not including w/u and c/d.  I really wanted to move.

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.22 miles, Avg HR 127, 8 Minute Abs and Morning Yoga Flow.  The yoga was hard and I was sweating by the end.  I don't do many videos with all those downward dogs. 

Planned: 1-4 miles
Actual: 1.23 miles, 20 minutes foam rolling

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