Hills Monday - Baker Park Reserve

Plan: Wake up early.  (That was really the harder part of the plan.) Run around the loop. Finish down by the lake to stretch out and take pretty pictures.

Route: I've done this route once before.  Starts in the Baker camp grounds, and runs around the main 6.2 mile loop of the park. 

Weather: It was slightly cooler than the past few days.  I started around 68* and ended around 75*.  So much better than starting at 75*.  It was sunny and slightly humid but nowhere near as bad as it has been.  I got up early enough that a significant part of the course was in the shade. 

Execution: This run started out a bit rough because I was hungry.  Once I got my rhythm things went really well and I felt great. I kept my heart rate pretty low for the first part of the run, thanks to significant downhill portions.  Later in the run, I did let my heart rate creep up, especially on the hills.  I didn't walk the hills at all this time, though I did slow down a bit on some of the bigger ones.

Nutrition: I did not eat breakfast before this run.  I woke up around 6:30 and was running by 7:15. I didn't carry anything with me.  I wished I'd had a cup of yogurt.

Bonus: I finished down by the lake (better cell signal down there) and did 8 minute Abs and stretched out a bit.  Turns out I was in some freaky vulture flight line so I caught some cool pictures too.

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