Trail Monday - Sort of

I'm trying to get back to Trail Mondays, but I'm also trying to avoid peak tick season.  So today I was all, "I'll go to Baker, but I'll stay on the paved trail"  Because that way I will get the nature and the hills, but far fewer ticks.

Trail: I parked in the camp grounds today, and took the long Baker trail from there. The loop itself is 6.2 miles, plus a bit added on to get from the parking lot to the loop itself.  (The other place where I could park is just a lot, no facilities.)

Hills: True story.  I picked this route because I want to start running hills now in practice for 2017 Lola's. Not sure if this will hold 'till next year.  For now, I want revenge.

Ease of Running: It's a paved trail, so yeah.  I did look over at the horse trail from time to time and was all "man, that looks like it would be no fun to run on".  

Nature: There were swans on Lake Katrina, but way too far for a picture.  I startled a Blue Heron which startled me right back as I ran by it.  That was pretty cool.

Heart rate: I was surprised that my heart rate stayed as low as it did.  It was hot and sunny at the beginning of the run, and the hills are for real. 

Will I come back: For sure.  Baker has a special place in my heart.  I much prefer the paved trails at Baker to the grass/horse trails.  I found this particular route challenging without being totally frustrating. 

Bonus: The campground where I parked has showers with hot water.

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