10 miles on the (maybe not) cursed route

Plan: Get up and 5am and get out of the house.  10 miles, try to keep the heart rate low.

Route: Pretty sure this route is cursed I keep trying to run it anyway, to put a better spin on the situation.  I went out along the creek, up the river, back along the Greenway and then found my way home through the neighborhood.

Weather: When I started it was 73* and 90% humidity.  When I ended, it was 74* and 80% humidity.  Some clouds in the sky.  I got up at 5am to do this run because I was trying to find the coolest part of the day.  Sadly, the coolest part of the day is also the most humid.

Execution: This went from good to not so much, and I think that was mainly due to the weather.  I kept a low heart rate until about mile 6.  After that I got sick for a moment, and then I just wanted to be done.  I switched my watch so it was tracking but I couldn't see the screen and just ran for a bit.  After mile 9, I did intervals (1 block on, 1 block off) for the last mile and I felt much better then.

Nutrition: I had not quite a full package of chews.  I carried two 8oz water bottles with me.  I had just over 1 bottle while I was out, and then finished them off as I walked the last block or two.

Bonus: I was comparing my heart rate graph of this run to the last time I came this way.  (That run was the best one I've had on this route.)  Maybe I was so freaking slow today because I spent the first half of the run trying to keep my HR in zones 1 and 2.  (May is on the top or left, today is on the bottom or right depending on screen settings.)

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