Long Run - Revenge

Remember this winter when I had this horrendous long run that included my watch running out of batteries (my fault) and my heart rate being too high for no good reason (apparently also my bodies fault).  I was finally ready to tackle this route again.

Plan: Do nothing stupid.  You have to race in 10 days.  Keep my heart rate low.

Route: My new-ish 10 mile route.  The end is more up hill than I'd realized.   But I like it.

Weather: 60s and crazy humid.  I actually woke up around 4:30am to the sound of rain.  My brain was all WTF?!?  It wasn't supposed to rain.  I could tell from the radar that it would be mostly through by the time I headed out the door.  I got about 10 drops on me as I started the run.  The humidity took a long time to bake off.

Execution: I stayed in my target heart rate almost the whole time.  Towards the end, my heart rate was getting a bit out of control.  I was all "what is wrong with me?" until I saw the elevation profile had significantly more up hill than I'd realized before.

Nutrition: I had a small bottle of water and a pack of gummies.

Bonus: The best thing about this run is that it gave me a lot of time to think about the Half Marthon I signed up for on impulse.  That's a whole other post.
I'd read all these articles about planning your race in your mind, and planning how you're going to handle bad things that happen, like feeling tired early or dropping all your food.  Like I wished I'd had a mental plan for what would I do if the pacer just doesn't show up?.  
Lola's has a 2:30:00 pacer and I'd been thinking I'd try to keep up with her.  But for a June race, Lola's starts kind of late.  And running fast in the heat is a dumb idea.  And there's other challenging goals I could make for myself.  Plus I want to have fun because this is my 10 year runnerversary.  I made what I'm calling my "cool weather plan" and my "warm or humid weather plan".  I don't want to call them Plans A and B, because they are both plan A. It was a helpful way to spend my time.

Bonus 2: After the run, I did a finisher involving standing bicycles, standing leg raises, squats and some other things.  Then I tried to take a selfie for my friend Deb who says I need to smile when I selfie.  I believe this is called a smirk.

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