2014 Fitness Goals - A Year in Review

Running: Continue to run at least one mile per day
Outcome: Great Success!  I crossed 800 days on my streak just before Christmas.
Plan for 2015: Repeat this goal for another year. 

Total Weekly Mileage: Average 28 miles per week
Outcome: Okay, well this is interesting.  My worksheet originally said I'd made it quite handily, but now saying I was close but no cigar.  Because math.  Average of 27.73 miles/week. 
Plan for 2015: Average 30 miles per week. I'm feeling iffy as I'm writing this, like I should've picked 29 miles per week instead.  We'll see how this goes.

Total Mileage: 1,450 for the year
Outcome: Great Success!  1,497 miles on the year broken into 1304 miles run, 140.6 miles walked, 52.8 'miles' on the elliptical. 
Plan for 2015: 1,560 miles for the year.  (Gulp!)  Secondary goal of not effing up the calculations like last year.

Cross Training: Add weight lifting, at least one hour per week
Outcome: No joy.  Wound up averaging about 20 minutes per week.  Honestly, not quite the catastrophic failure I thought it'd be. I did some sessions of Body Pump earlier in the year, and TRX/Kettlebell towards the end of the year.  I really liked the weight training, and later in the year also found myself missing Circuit. 
Plan for 2015: Modify this goal in some way.

Cross Training: Add stretching, at least one hour per week
Outcome: No joy.  Again, I had dreams of doing Yoga once a week or so and it just never happened.  But I did do a lot of stretching and foam rolling on my own, to my great benefit.
Plan for 2015:  Modify this goal.  In 2015, I might like to see this closer to 45 minutes per week.  (I meant to type 40, why does it say 45?!?)

Cross Training: Add core work, at least one hour per week
Outcome: No.  Just no.  Like one Pilates class all year. Some other work that might've been Core Work was listed as a 'finisher' or some other stuff.
Plan for 2015: I miss Pilates but this goal has to go. 

Nutrition: no specific goal
Outcome: Well how could I go wrong?

Other thoughts: 
I have no idea why I thought I'd come up with three more hours per week to work out for core, weights and stretching.  That was silly.
I didn't have a goal about Zumba, but I really enjoy the class and have missed it like mad in December so I may make a firmer attendance goal for next year.
I had no 'goals' about doing finishers after running, and really should have.  Especially since I stopped going to Circuit.  I'm imaging the weight training/something goal gets modified to include this.

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