December Monthly Totals

What Worked Well: Running a mile per day. That may be the only thing that worked this month.

What Could Go Better:  This was a rough month emotionally, and all those emotions took their rage out on my body. Among other things my sleep was wrecked which in turn lead to my running being wrecked.  Time will heal this one; there's nothing else I need to do.

Biggest Surprise: My hear rate while running up hills in Cincinnati.  It was not totally aerobic, but much closer than I'd expected it to be. I feel like the whole 'heart rate training' thing is finally starting to pay off.

Plan for January: 1. Run a mile per day.  2. Get outside.  I ran with a friend at the gym this morning and was already lamenting the craziness that will be January on that track. It won't take me long to prefer braving the cold to the wretchedness that is the gym in January. 3. Start 'training' for the Flying Pig 3 Way.  4. Try an 'Insanity' class with Running Neighbor.  That seems like a class gym newbies would avoid.  Am I right? 5. Wear a heart rate monitor while running.  (This mildly conflicts with getting outside and running becuase I can't see the HRM under my jacket sleeves.  Oh well.)


Year of Running 2014

This isn't my official review, but I am using Miss Zippy's questions to get my mind going.

Best Race Experience: Tie between my first trail race and the Loony Bin.  I mean "Loony Challenge".   The trail race was fantastic because it was utterly low key and welcoming.  Loony was fantastic because I liked so many races in one weekend and it was basically well organized and fun.

Best Run: Get in Gear was a revelation.  I was NOT expecting the time I ran in that race.

Best New Piece of Gear: My Heart Rate Monitor. I have a love/hate relationship with the thing.  Although I've liked it much more this winter than in the summer when it was making me run super slow.

Best Running Advice Received: When a friend said 'when I was swinging kettle bells, that's the most solid my body has ever been'.  TRX/Kettle Bell class was really fun.

Most Inspirational Runner: Meb Keflezighi.  Because we needed a win in Boston, and he was all heart and class in New York.

Sum Up Your Year in A Couple of Words: Just Keep Running.