Sunday: Lake Harriet Sans Snow

Sunday morning: last run without snow for 2014.  Massive snow storms were predicted for Sunday night and all day Monday, so I had to get out and run one more long run without cleats or twenty five pairs of socks.  Minnesota already appears to have gone gray.  All the color between the sky and the ground is gone.  I won't see it again until spring.  Le sigh.
I ran an interval training workout that I had programmed into Endomondo.  It builds some walks in.  When running, I try to keep my heart rate on the higher side of aerobic for me, 148-152.  Walk breaks allow me to 'burn hot' for a longer distance.  I've run this interval workout a few other times, and it gets quite challenging by the end.  This time I got a couple extra breaks waiting for lights at Nicollet and Lyndale.

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