Running Indoors - sometimes fast and sometimes slow

I am still running.  Monday sort of ushered in 'in-door running season' which hit brutally quick this year.

Tuesday I ran outside, just for a mile, and then did TRX/Kettlebell at the gym.  Running outside was fairly icy.  Winter is reminding me of the other use of my trail shoes: Ice Running.

Wednesday started out as a track run but my heart rate was all over the place and there was just no way. I did a mile and half on the track and then headed over to the elliptical where my heart rate was much easier to keep under control.  I walked on the track and took some serious time to stretch out afterwards.

Thursday I had zero problems with my heart rate and had a great run.  I ran 5 miles, walked half a mile, and then headed down to Zumba.

Friday I was in a bit of a hurry, so I only had time to do 3 miles.  I think I was dreaming of running with a higher heart rate and didn't freak out when it got to 150, but mostly I kept it pretty low key.

Saturday I was somewhat hung over and recovering from the Garth Brooks concert, so I just ran my mile and then slowly and surely made my way back to the couch.

Sunday I decided to check out the Downtown gym.  I've heard it's a ghost town on the weekend and I was not disappointed.  I had another day where I could not keep my heart rate in check so I did 2.2 miles on the treadmill and then headed over to the elliptical.  It was a bit of a learning moment for me to be able to keep my heart rate at 150 or 151 for so long without seeing a big spike.  I guess I know what the treadmill is good for now.

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