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Today is another Productivity Monday.  I'm making a goal for my lunches to have as much protein as humanly possible.  Or at least a lot of protein and fewer carbs.  It's a long story.  We'll see how it works out.

Grilled Garlic Chicken Tenders: I got just under a pound of chicken.  Each lunch contains two tenders.  I did not make the yogurt dressing described here because I found one I liked better.

Lentil Dumplings with Chili and Cumin I think will be a good recipe over all, if I can work out the final preparations.  I wound up partially baking my dumplings becuase they didn't cook through in the pan.  I feel like they would've been better as pancake or burger style creations instead of tiny balls. 

Yogurt Mint Sauce, the only recipe I could find on the entire internet that didn't have sugar in this creation. This was crazy easy to make.  I didn't put the salt in it, and sort of wish I had, but I've salted the dumplings enough I'd like to avoid hypernatrimia.

DIY Shampoo.  I was my hair so freaking much as a runner and I've noticed it breaking and generally being unhealthy so I wanted to try something new.   This was even easier to make than the mint sauce.  Missing from the instructions is this: the shampoo cannot overflow the little cups on the ice cube trays.  If it does, it'll never come out.  On the first try using it, I went in between thinking "this will never be enough" to "is it even in there?" to "is my scalp tingling or is that my imagination?" 

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