A PSA to my future self - weather in September

I did actually workout today.  Even though I haven't been able to get up in the morning to run since starting counting calories.  Tomorrow is moving day though; I have to get up because I won't have any other time all day to run.

Run: I had a plan to do 3 miles on the track before Zumba.  I got started early and felt good, so decided to go for 4 miles instead.  I felt pretty good the entire time and was able to keep my heart rate nice and even.

Walk: I had a cool down walk after the run, plus a couple bonus laps with Lucinda.

Zumba: We had a sub tonight.  I generally like this sub.  Mostly.  Her dance style is different and it's a really good workout for my hips.  I was mostly ignoring all the jumping and all the things she wanted me to do with my arms.  Whatever.

Foam Rolling: I've been using this video for foam rolling.  I like the multiple calf and quad exercises.  I ignore the part where he wants me to roll my lats, triceps or pecs.  No woman wants to foam roll anything near her chest.  Ever.

Weather: Just a PSA to my future self here.  Early September still has more light than dark, and it's still hot.  Calm down.

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