6 miles of... um... well

Run: I ran inside on the track today.  I used the Wahoo Fitness App on treadmill mode so it would talk to my heart rate monitor and keep track for me.  Or at least I thought I had it on treadmill mode...  I also used the Nike+ app because it tracks distance indoors for me.  I don't know why it wont speak to my heart rate monitor, but those are the breaks.  As it turns out, I left the GPS on for the wahoo trackr, and the results are pretty hilarious.

The information from my heart rate monitor is correct.  The spike at the end had to do with Lucinda.  The splits from the Nike+ app are probably not 100% correct (because running in circles seems to confuse it somewhat) but they are close.

Zumba: Kicked my ass tonight.  Mainly because I'd just run six miles.  I think I appeared half dead for most of the class.  I jumped very little and was fairly uncomfortable most of the class.  I have displeased my hip flexors in some way (shocker, I know).  After Zumba, many tacos were consumed.

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