4 Miles in the Rural Minnesot Heat

I found a new trail today.  The Buffalo to Montrose Trail is so new, it hasn't even made it up onto TrailLink.  So instead, I will review the thing properly.  I only got to run part of the trail today because it was hotter than fire and I didn't want to run 20 miles.  And yes, I am impressed that rural Wright County has a protected bike trail.

Description: This trail runs along the side of CSAH 12, separated from traffic but a boulevard of grass at most places except for the Crow River crossing where runners go on a wide shoulder of the bridge with cars.  In Montrose, the path moves to sidewalks for the last few blocks.  I thought the cars zooming by would be annoying.  Really it's a rural road with some traffic but not tons and it didn't bother me.  The suburban traffic from this day was much worse. 

Trail Surface: Crushed limestone; a few patches of asphalt on larger hills.  I can only assume they are trying to prevent washouts
Distance: 8 miles or so.  I'm not totally clear.
Best For: Running, hiking, biking
Connects To: Buffalo Lake, US 12 in Montrose it seems to just stop there?
Use During Winter: It seems this path will be designated for snow mobiles in winter and not cleared for running or biking.
Parking: Seems to be the drawback for this trail.  I found an obvious parking spot at the trail head in Buffalo and no other parking until some side streets in Montrose.  I wonder if Farmer Bob would mind if I parked my car in his yard one day for a run.

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