A Short Distance Week - 1 more mile today

I think being sick on Monday really killed any chance of working out this week.  Sigh.  I woke up this morning and basically went back to bed until 10am.  I skipped Zumba.  In the evening, I got out and ran my mile.  In the rain, and thunder.  I kept thinking the thunder was airplanes.  And then I had a finisher of Reverse Lunges and standing bicycles.  I started from 10 and went down to 1.  I would've started at 15 but I was afraid for myself on the lunges, not being able to finish that many.  I'll know for next time that I can do it.

We're having crazy flooding and rain here obviously.  The park by my house is usually dry and used for dog walking and stuff.  Right now it's a drainage pond.  And the Family Dollar parking lot now has an unwanted water feature.  Maybe with a dry night, some of the water will drain into the sewers and down into the river.  Once the rain stopped though, the skies were beautiful.

After running, I finally found strength to leave the house.  First place I hit was Los Ocampos for some lovely Tacos.  It was after 8pm.  The line was to the door.  Because this place is that popular.  Then I hit up the co op for some food and I will have to use some of my time tomorrow to actually make lunches.  This week coming up I am working Monday through Thursday because Friday is a holiday. It made this weekend only a 2-day weekend and that's really screwing me up right now.

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